The Swedish Board of Agriculture

Location: Jönköping
Assignment years: 2017-2021
BTA: 15 500 sqm
Photographer and video: Jansin & Hammarling
Certifications: BREEAM Excellent

Cross hardiness zones, forest regions and Småland’s distinctive natural scenery with a brand new office concept – and you get the Swedish Board of Agriculture and Swedish Forest Agency’s new headquarters in Jönköping, designed by Tengbom.

The building towers in the distance, but up close, it breaks down into a natural part of the urban setting.

Lingonberry, granite and field of rapeseed. These are some of the shades and hues you will encounter at the newly built Dialogen office complex in Jönköping. The Swedish Board of Agriculture  and the Swedish Forest Agency are the first to move in to the Skeppsbron district, located beside the beautiful Munksjön lake. Dialogen – which was designed by Tengbom in Jönköping – is one of the first buildings to replace and revitalize the old industrial area.

“An entire neighborhood is emerging here. Right now, it borders the outer edge of town, but the idea is that the Skeppsbron district will gradually become a new center in Jönköping. What we like about the location is how the city meets nature – you get the best of both worlds here,” says Matt Patterson, lead architect at Tengbom in Jönköping.

We’ve reflected hiking through Sweden’s scenery with a base of natural materials like stone and various types of wood.

Folded sheet metal covers the facade, and the color and shadows change with the light.

The office concept – hiking through Sweden

The soul of the Swedish Board of Agriculture and the Swedish Forest Agency is genuinely in the walls. Sweden’s forest regions and hardiness zones are portrayed through the colors and choice of materials. Floor by floor through the entire building. The nature of Småland is expressed in everything from the wood details to common areas. In close connection, Tengbom Jönköping and the interior design studio in Stockholm have created a workplace with a strong connection to the surrounding landscape.

“We’ve reflected hiking through Sweden’s scenery with a base of natural materials like stone and various types of wood. A broad color palette supported the design, in which much of the interior decor is reused and needed to be held together to create a cohesive whole,” says Linn Sylvan, lead interior architect at Tengbom Stockholm.

The dining area overlooks Munksjön lake and Jönköping’s city center.
The views strengthen the connection to the natural surroundings.

An environmentally certified landmark with the Swedish Board of Agriculture

The new structure is highly visible and an important part of the development of Skeppsbron. The building towers in the distance, and its scale and style make it a beautiful element of the Jönköping skyline. At the same time, up close the building melts into its surroundings, with details like an angled roof, different levels and facade variations in different kinds of sheet metal. Sustainability permeates the entirety, from care for the surroundings to reused furnishings and BREEAM certification with an Excellent rating.

Launching a new area 

The entire interior design concept is based on the Swedish Board of Agriculture’s activity-based work method. Employees encounter open areas, zones and increasingly separate rooms the further out from the center they go. Because the building is narrow, it has plenty of daylight and views.

“By daring to focus on a brand-new neighborhood, the Swedish Board of Agriculture and the Swedish Forest Agency have laid the foundation for an expanding, updated Jönköping,” says Matt Patterson.

Dialogen is a highly visible and important part of Skeppsbron – a place where the city and water meet.

The team behind this project


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