Tengbom is ranked as one of the world’s most innovative architectural firms*, and it’s also one of the oldest in existence. With a rich and multifaceted history, we’ve made it our habit and our mission to keep our eyes on the future – not least because we intend to stay relevant for hundreds of years to come. We’re humanists, driven by creating magical, valuable, lasting architecture that makes the world a better place.

We believe in personal relationships and dialogues. In co-creating the future together with each other, our clients, and the world around us. With 600 employees in locations across Sweden and Finland (not to mention mobile and site-specific hubs), we can appear with the right team and toolbox wherever we’re needed. This agile way of working guarantees a high-quality delivery regardless of location.

For us, architecture is about quality of life, something we strive to bring to every project we undertake. Ecological, social and economic sustainability is our Alpha and Omega – a responsibility that we don’t want to compromise on. Nothing we do is ever ready-made. Instead, our success is based on questioning and investigating each new assignment with fresh eyes. It’s knowledge which drives us forward. Not just on projects, but also initiatives such as #Tengbomtalks, our highly-regarded forum examining questions affecting architecture and the built environment.

We’re your strategic partner, a permanent companion, who brings each project home. We’ll often adopt a prototyping approach to reveal innovative solutions. Architecture does not survive on old merits, especially when building for the future. Our founder, Ivar Tengbom, knew this when he began this practice in 1906, and it remains our cornerstone to this day. By always looking forward, our architecture shifts boundaries, perceptions and society.

*In 2016, Fast Company named Tengbom as the fourth most innovative architecture firm in the world.

Facts about Tengbom

Johanna Frelin

Magnus Sjöqvist (chairman)
Martin Rangfast (partner representative)
Ragnar Söderberg (Sobro)
Emma Nilsby (partner representative)
Örjan Wikforss (external)
Caroline Hellström (external)
Magnus Almung (employee representative)
Sara Peny (employee representative)
Anna Moren-Salin (employee representative – substitute)
Annelie Drackner (employee representative – substitute)

The co-workers below and the investment company Sobro


Anki Haasma
Anna Gillström
Anna Morén-Sahlin
Bengt Rönnhedh
Carolin Curman Björkdahl
Cecilia Holmström
Cecilia Öberg
Christine Hammarling
Claire Rankin
Donald Isaksson
Emelie Mannheimer
Emma Nilsby
Fredrik Genberg
Fredrik Eng
Gunilla Gustafsson
Gunilla Haglund
Hans Lindgren
Jan Arbman
Janica Wiklander
Jenny Andersson
Jeppe Dueholm Sörensen
Jerker Kryander
Jesper Husman
Johan Kjellnäs
Johanna Frelin
Johanna Munck af Rosenschöld
Jörgen Orback
Karin Ekbom
Karin Hagelberg
Kia Larsdotter
Lars Östling
Lina Swanberg
Linda Camara
Liv Stein
Lukas Nachmens Amiri
Mark Humphreys
Mats Juhl
Magnus Nilsson
Malin Olsson
Mats Ove Frosterud
Martin Rangfast
Mimmi Siverwall
Nadia Tolstoy
Nejra Lagumdzija
Nicholas Hörlin
Patrik Ekenhill
Per de Mander
Peter Elfstrand
Pontus Eriksson
Roger Oom
Sandra Skoglund
Stellan Fryxell
Stefan Rydin
Stina Åberg
Susann Wessely Gromark
Tomas Boijsen
Torbjörn Höeg
Viveka Bunke

630 MSEK (2016)

Approximately 600 employees

Head office 
Stockholm, Sweden

Gothenburg, Uppsala, Öresund (with offices in Malmö and Helsingborg), Jönköping, Linköping, Kalmar, Karlstad, Borås and Helsinki