Tengbom is ranked as one of the world’s most innovative architectural firms*, and it’s also one of the oldest in existence. We’re humanists, driven by creating magical, valuable, lasting architecture that makes the world a better place.

For us, architecture is about quality of life, something we strive to bring to every project we undertake. Ecological, social and economic sustainability is our Alpha and Omega – a responsibility that we don’t want to compromise on.

We believe in personal relationships and dialogues. In co-creating the future together with each other, our clients, and the world around us. With 600 employees in locations across Sweden and Finland (not to mention mobile and site-specific hubs), we can appear with the right team and toolbox wherever we’re needed. This agile way of working guarantees a high-quality delivery regardless of location.

Facts about Tengbom

Interim CEO 
Erika Rönnquist Hoh

Mats Jönsson (chairman)
Martin Rangfast (partner representative)
Ragnar Söderberg (Sobro)
Emma Nilsby (partner representative)
Caroline Hellström (Sobro)
Lisa Wingårdh (employee representative)
Sara Peny (employee representative)
Helena Elisson (employee representative – substitute)

Around 90 partners within Tengbom and the investment company Sobro

630 MSEK (2016)

Approximately 600 employees

Head office 
Stockholm, Sweden

Gothenburg, Uppsala, Malmö, Helsingborg, Jönköping, Linköping, Kalmar, Karlstad, Borås and Helsinki

“Instead of reminiscing of past times, a modern architect should adopt a wider stance – investigating the needs of society now and in the future.”

– Ivar Tengbom, founder

*In 2016, Fast Company named Tengbom as the fourth most innovative architecture firm in the world.