TAKO Restaurant

Enter the Dragon
Client: Elite Hotels through Stockholm Krogbolag
Location: Östermalm, Stockholm
Partners: Light Support (lightning consultant), Lerch Träinredningar (carpentry), Oscar Liedgren (graphic design), Blumenthalgroup (construction), Jan Engström (project management)
Type of project: Interior Design
Year of Commission: 2016-2017

A brand-new dining concept with a lively atmosphere and a pinch of subtle decadence was recently commissioned by Stockholm Krogbolag. The restaurant weaves together Scandinavian, Japanese and Korean influences under the enigmatic name TAKO that translates to dragon or octopus. With an uncompromising approach to quality, Tengbom has created a unique space, marrying architectural and graphic expressions into a far-flung flair.

Modern with a story
Wall-to-wall with its sister restaurant—Vassa Eggen, TAKO hides culinary treasures Stockholm hasn’t seen before. The space on Birger Jarlsgatan 29 has been known for its flourishing nightlife, where several clubs entertained flamboyant crowds once upon a time. A remanence of that era—varying floor levels and narrow passages have now been elevated to recreate the atmosphere of mystical backstreets of Tokyo that promise unforgettable adventures to those that find the way. An obscure, almost enigmatic entrance leads the guests down the glowing staircase that opens to an underground world steeped in deep jewel-like tones.

”When you have the possibility to be in charge of the design process down to the very last detail, strong concepts arise.”

Mystic elegance
Offering seating for 180 guests and comfortable space for up to 300, TAKO features a sushi bar, an open barbecue station and a large drink bar. The lit aisles navigate the customers through a myriad of rooms and let them discover cosy nooks hidden from the sight behind mesh screens. Dimmed lights and varying dining suites enhance the atmosphere of a backstreet milieu. Hand-chiselled natural materials such as stone, wood and concrete add the finishing touch. Copper elements combined with cushy upholstery and earth-toned leather bring a welcoming warmth to the space. In the middle of the room, a temple-inspired suite assumes centre stage, graced by a bespoke fish pond carpet.

Relationships that go way back
The project is a part of a long business relationship between Stockholm Krogbolag and Tengbom, TAKO being the fifth restaurant we have designed for the restaurateur.

”When you have the possibility to be in charge of the design process down to the very last detail, strong concepts arise. Our collaboration with Stockholm Krogbolag has just got stronger with years. The mutual trust between us allows us to take the interiors to new design heights”, says Filip Svensson, interior designer at Tengbom who worked on the project together with Ninna Helena Söderström and Josef Zetterman.

“The restaurant has a quirky twist and an element of surprise, without compromising on the utmost attention to quality”

A twinkle in the eye
The graphic identity of the restaurant is created by Studio Oscar Liedgren, another business partner that we share a long and successful story with.”When different teams are working with the same client and get the same brief, it’s always interesting to see how our sensibilities reflect one another, and it gets even better when they enhance each other. It ignites a special kind of creative sparkle, just as it did with the TAKO project. Everything fits together, like perfect pieces of a puzzle”, says Oscar Liedrgen.

By having control over the design process and engaging in a close dialogue with the client and the carpenters from the beginning, we were able to oversee every single detail along the way. With its sophisticated character, TAKO has become another masterpiece in Kristofer Sandström and Christian Olsson’s business portfolio and an exciting addition to Stockholm’s restaurant scene.

”TAKO is a like an elegant friend with a twinkle in the eye. We want to create a social atmosphere filled with unique experiences and build our own dining culture together. The restaurant has a quirky twist and an element of surprise, without compromising on the utmost attention to quality”, says Kristofer Sandström, founder of Stockholm Krogbolag.


The team behind this project


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