For the love of really good quality
Client: Vassa Eggen Gruppen
Type of project: Restaurant
Partners: KS Projekt, Kökspennan och Oscar Liedgren
Years of commission: 2014–2015
Competences: Interior design, Hotel & Restaurant

In the autumn of 2015, the doors were opened to restaurant Kommendören, another one of the concepts that we have developed to the Vassa Eggen group. This is a neighbourhood restaurant based on the New York bistro culture with a nicely relaxed, noisy atmosphere and a focus on really good food.

Kommendörsgatan 7, in the corner with Brahegatan right next door to Humlegården in Stockholm, is the address to the restaurant Kommendören. Since the opening, Kommendören has quickly become the popular neighbourhood eatery that the owners Christian Olsson and Kristofer Sandström were envisaging when our collaboration started out.


Specially designed and rustic

The result is a genuine, rustic bistro environment for approximately 60 guests in the restaurant and a further 25 by the bar. Almost all the interiors have been specially designed, from the light fixtures to the unusual bar. We have also designed the area with private booths that are separated by black, mullioned windows from metal – a detail that returns around the doors and mirrors in the room as well as the windows facing the street.

The materials used set the tone of the atmosphere. Rustic, dark floor boards and stained wooden furniture of deep colour form a stark contrast against the tiles of the walls which in places is floor to ceiling. The choice of tiles required a lot of thought since we wanted it to run seamlessly around corners and door posts to give the hard surface treatment a soft expression.

Kommendören Tengbom 2014 2015
Photo: Björn Lofterud

Bar of American proportions

The bar at Kommendören is much narrower that what is normal in Sweden. This is quite common in the USA and it means you get much closer to the bartender. This offers a more personal and relaxed effect, a reduced barrier that makes chatting easier.

Another fun partnership

Kommendören is one more in the line of fantastic restaurant concept that we have developed in partnership with the Vassa Eggen group. Vassa Eggen, Boquería, Albert & Jack’s and Tennstopet are all projects with strong concepts that have developed from our collaboration.

At Kommendören we have also collaborated with Oscar Liedgren Studio, who have developed the graphic profile of the studio. We have collaborated with Oscar Liedgren before on projects such as restaurant Boquería, and most recently on Tengbom’s own graphic profile. To etch the logotype of the Kommendören into the bar stools of the restaurant was a fun idea that complemented each other’s projects in a nice way.

The team behind this project

  • Filip Svensson Architect
  • Josef Zettman Architekt SIR/MSA


Kjerstin Björk Studio Director +46 8 410 354 49