Exclusive office building in central Stockholm
Client: Pembroke Real Estate
Location: City of Stockholm
Year of commission: 2009–2015
Entrepreneur: NCC
Type of project: Office building with a commercial ground floor. Approximately 30 500 sqm.
Competences: Office, Retail, Landscape, BIM & 3D-illustration

Mästerhuset is a 30,500 sqm, new, international office block in Stockholm City. The challenge was to create modern and flexible offices of high international class and at the same time breathe new life into the Hästen block, the area around the southern side of Mäster Samuelsgatan.

The building sets a new standard for quality and sustainability for commercial properties in central Stockholm and is the first office building to achieve LEED Platinum certification in the City.

We have tried to create a lively but safe and orderly streetscape. The surrounding area is given additional life through a new walkway between Mäster Samuelsgatan and Smålandsgatan. The new passage also creates the possibility for a new connection to the galleria in the PK building and further towards Hamngatan and Kungsträdgården. The outdoor environment has been upgraded with qualitative materials and finishes on both walking as driving surfaces. The general lighting has also been considerably updated for increased comfort, experience and security.

Mästerhuset Tengbom 2015
Photographer: Per Myrehed

Sustainable and qualitative architecture

Key words such as quality, sustainability and flexibility have been present throughout the process. The building is permeated by a choice of high quality materials. The design is based on a Scandinavian pallet of wood and stone with accents of glass and metal. The façade of the building is based on the classic stone façades of the city that highlight sustainability, and solid construction expertise. The choice of granite of different colours was inspired by colours from the old Stockholm, its façades and stone paving.

Mästerhuset Tengbom 2015
Photographer: Per Myrehed

Flexible office space with optimal natural light intake

The seemingly random pattern of floor to ceiling windows was inspired by a DNA molecule from backtraven, a small cruciforous weed, and then transformed into this “Architectural barcode”. Windows three metres high and a central atrium with a glass roof provide this building with an optimal intake of natural light. The building’s ten flexible floors of up to 3,500 sqm continuous office space and two generous stairwells can be designed based on the most diverse needs. The building is topped by a light double-glazed façade that through the different heights, recesses and terraces creates the illusion of being resolved towards the sky and softens the otherwise distinct volume.

Commercial street level contributes to a living environment

The atrium is a reflection of the shape of Kungsträdgården and has been filled with a “light sculpture” in the form of a central staircase and walkways for further maximum flexibility. Mästerhuset’s open and glazed ground floor with lobbies and double ceiling height as well as a concierge service, provides an international feel and offers the tenants excellent service and security. In addition to offices, Mästerhuset also contains a commercial street level with a high-end restaurant with over 400 seats, which further contributes to a living environment.

Close partnership

The building’s considerable and complex conditions required special care and closeness in the development and design collaboration between client, architect and contractor. This has meant that much of the implementation planning has been done in common site offices.

The building sets a new standard for quality and sustainability for commercial properties in central Stockholm and is the first office building to achieve LEED Platinum certification in the City.

The team behind this project

  • Martin Rangfast Architect CTH, Director of Business Development, Partner
  • Niklas Hedin Arkitekt AIA
  • Mark Humphrey Architect SAR/MSA, Managing Director
  • Martin Christiansson Architect
  • Karin Hagelberg Architect
  • Jeppe Dueholm Sörensen Architect MAA


Mark Humphreys Practise Director Stockholm, Regional Manager Stockholm +46 8 412 53 43