Arlanda VIP Services

The essence of Nordic luxury
Client: Swedavia Airports
Location: Stockholm
Completed: 2018
Photographer: Felix Gerlach

Arlanda VIP Services, the VIP terminal at Arlanda airport in Stockholm, Sweden, might be described as the essence of Nordic luxury. Here, Tengbom architects have created an honest design that makes traveling easy and enjoyable and provides an almost sacral experience.


Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport, the largest in Sweden, receives its fair share of the international jet set. As of 2018, it has a brand-new way to give them the true VIP welcome (or farewell). Tengbom have designed a discreet piece of architecture, anonymous to its surroundings, which brings superstars, politicians and royalties down to earth in true Scandinavian style.

Airport VIP Services as a project is a new, free-standing hub within the airport, one of very few of its kind created around the globe. That this building is a vital part of Swedavia Airports‘ strategy to become Scandinavia’s leading airport was an integral aspect of the project brief, which also included landscape and interior design.

Airport regulations turned into qualities

From the outside, this building is as discreet as it is functional, with many specific regulations to adhere to as part of an international airport that offer challenges to the architect. For example, due to safety regulations there must be no insight into the building.

The solution, to let all windows face upwards, now provides lots of daylight while offering the guest a spectacular view of what’s to come. Similarly, the interior use of massive wood creates a most welcome silence in otherwise very loud airport surroundings. In many ways, what begun as architectural challenges for this building now make up its strengths and identity.

Arlanda VIP Services

Inspired by its Swedish surroundings

The architectural concept builds on the contrasting relationship between hard and cold, soft and warm, with the Swedish landscape and culture as key inspiration. A discreet outer shell in concrete protects the house, its interior and temporary inhabitants, similarly to a traditional stone wall of old. Inside, wood materials dominate an interior which also embraces its Swedish surroundings. Simple wood facades and paneling, leather bound stair rails, neutral color schemes and a functional yet expressive curation of exclusive Scandinavian furniture.

Arlanda VIP Services

Arlanda VIP Services

An escape from the world outside

The main objective of the architects was to create a unique and memorable experience for the many influential people passing through the house. What are their needs, demands, desires?

The result is an environment which emanates stillness and relaxation from is very core. This is the essence of Nordic luxury. The spatial qualities created evoke a sense of sanctuary, time for reflection, and spiritual experience. Here, the guests can shake off the stresses of travel, escape everyday life for a while, and prepare for their onward journey. Workspaces combine with a central dining or social area, each offering clean architectural touches that lift the building and its holistic design.

Arlanda VIP Services

As a first kiss of Stockholm, or final farewell, Arlanda VIP Services is a visual experience that will linger long after its unique occupants take flight.

The team behind this project


Mark Humphreys Office Director, Lead Architect +46 8 412 53 43