Gas holder no. 2

Industrial heritage repurposed for the arts



On behalf of the city of Stockholm’s Development Administration, Tengbom has made a proposal to turn gas holder no. 2 into a state of the art cultural scene with banquet hall. The concept – a box in a box – will give future visitors an experience of space beyond the ordinary.

Hjorthagen outside Stockholm is an area under large-scale development. From an inaccessible industrial area, the place will soon be home to about 15,000 new residents. The project broadly comprises about 6,000 apartments and 100,000 square metres of living space. A significant project in the area is Herzog & De Meuron’s 45-storey apartment block.

In 2017, Tengbom took home the tender and gained the confidence to draw up plans for an international guest stage in Gas holder 2. Here, 2,300 visitors will be able to enjoy everything from concerts, musicals to world-class theatre sets. At the top of the clock on the box there is also a banquet hall for 1,000 seated guests.

The unique and memorable gas holder, originally designed by Ferdinand Boberg in 1899, is preserved externally in its original condition. Once inside, a spectacular experience of space awaits, where the music box is literally experienced floating in the air, well enclosed by an outer box. By stacking the audience on three floors, you get the maximum number of spectators, while giving the acoustics the best conditions.

Architect Jan Izikoviz, Tengbom

Gas holder 2 is included in the detail plan Gasverket Västra, which also contains a museum, school, preschool, sports hall and office.



The team behind this project


Janica Wiklander Head of Gothenburg Office