With only a few days left until Christmas, all of us at Tengbom want to thank you for this past year. 2021 has been marked by many challenges. But more than that, it’s been a year full of innovative collaborations, of a strong sense of community, and of hope for the future.

A Swedish Christmas greeting from all of us at Tengbom

At Tengbom we are driven by making the world a better place. We know that the only way for us to do just that is to collaborate – to gather as many people, skills, experiences, and perspectives as possible. Together we have the power to create the kind of future that we believe in. That is why we want to thank each and everyone of you for all of your hard work this past year.

Don’t you agree that 2021 was the year we became experts in meeting and collaborating in new ways? In spite of restrictions, bad internet connections, and echoing Teams voices, we’ve gathered for project meetings, creative design processes, new sustainability solutions, and digital celebrations of all that we’ve accomplished together. Through it all – and because of it all – we’ve learned to shape the digi-physical reality that is our only way forward.

Don’t you also agree that the main take away from 2021 is a sense of belief in the future? We hope so. Because this is it – the time for change is most definitely now. We sense a great power hidden within this realization, a power that surges through our current collaborations. While climate issues have finally been given a permanent place on the agenda, our collective focus on health and wellbeing is growing exponentially. In the new year, we’re looking forward to everything from climate declarations and life cycle analysis, to our first pilot certifications aimed at creating the right conditions for social equality in our cities. Step by step we’re also learning to decrease our own carbon footprint, while continuing to compensate for the factors we’ve yet to tackle.

As usual, Tengbom’s Christmas gift comes in the shape of a donation. This year we’re supporting UNHCR’s efforts to help all those families around the world most affected by the climate crisis. Please read more on UNHCR’s website about how you and your company can support their work. Because if our experiences from these past few years have taught us anything, it is this: that we can accomplish anything if we do it together.

Thank you again – see you in January!