Novum Research Park

Client: Hemsö
Location: Flemingsberg, Huddinge
Assignment years: 2017-
Construction company: Oljibe

At the center of one of Stockholm’s rapidly growing life science clusters, Novum Research Park will be vitalized with the transplant of a vibrant new Heart.

Facing Hälsovägen, the top story of the building extends over Novum’s main entrance, providing shelter to a welcoming, retracted entrance. Through the vestibule, a spacious lobby awaits with twice the story height, intuitively leading visitors to the various areas of Novum.

All communication is through the new Heart

Tasked with developing and modernizing Novum, and with giving the building a more distinct main entrance, it was only natural to design a brand-new atrium – the Heart – to connect the existing labs and offices. Life and movement will flow through the Heart to the various organizations. It is our first point of arrival, a meeting place, and the point from which we navigate onward. With 10 stories and 10,000 m², the Heart is expanding Novum’s total area to about 70,000 m² of flexible space for various activities.

A robust wooden frame

With major sustainability requirements for the design of the new construction, both the structure and exterior of the Heart are entirely in wood, creating an eye-catching feature for the area. As part of the sustainability solution, the wooden frame is clad in glass, which improves the energy performance by capturing sunlight and protecting the wooden construction inside.

“In the midst of a climate crisis, it’s wonderful to get to work according to ambitious environmental goals set by the client. We wanted to take that even further in our design, which we’ve done by not only using wood for the frame, but by making it our primary material wherever possible. Wood has climate-friendly characteristics, and for Novum, it visually symbolizes a new era of growth, environmentally speaking,” says Henrik Börjesson, architect and lead designer.

Inside the vestibule at Novum Research Park, visitors approach a spacious lobby. Facing Hälsovägen, it is easy to get a sense of the room’s connection to the street and to the new properties that are planned for the other side of the road.

The wooden frame within the transparent façade offers a warm contrast against the existing concrete. Together, the frame and façade create an important social function, as the bustling activity inside is opened up to the surroundings.

“The Heart’s ventilated double façade highlight the wood exterior, without it graying or requiring more maintenance than would be reasonable for its upkeep. The smart ‘glass skin’ helps reduce energy consumption within the building, keeping the space warm in winter and cool in summer. At the same time, it ensures that the environmental footprint is clearly evident from the outside as well,” says Stefan Samuelsson, architectural technician.

Novum Research Park

Novum Research Park
The light wells allow as much daylight as possible into the work environments. Bridges through the light wells connect the Heart to the existing Novum and strengthen the spacial experience of the new building.

Harmonious materials

The existing buildings at Novum Research Park are from the 1990s. The facades are smooth gray concrete, which harmonize with the Heart’s palette of natural materials, like wood, glass, concrete and greenery. The current “colorful” windows in green, yellow, red and blue with white inside are being replaced for energy-saving purposes with light gray aluminum with pine frames, bringing a new sense of warmth to the interior.

“It’s especially exciting in this project that the new building is guiding the choice of materials for the renovation and the new windows. It’s usually the other way around,” says Krister Bjurström, architect.

A close partnership with the client created the conditions for working with a wooden frame and a double facade. This communicates the environmental ambitions which also apply to the existing building.

Grand opening of the new Novum is planned to 2024 the earliest.

Bird’s-eye view from the north. Novum is centrally located in Flemingsberg’s medical and research district. It is surrounded by Huddinge Hospital, Karolinska Institutet and Södertörn University. But the two closest neighbors are the research and teaching buildings TAH and NEO. Together, Novum and its neighbors form a powerful life science cluster.



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