Clarion Hotel Sundsvall

Client: Nordic Property Management / Nordic Choice Hotel
Location: Sundsvall
Assignment years: 2018-2021
BTA: 14 350 sqm and 270 hotel room
Property owners, Entrepreneur, Architect: Diös, Serneke, Krook & Tjäder
Certifications: BREEAM-SE Very Good

Can a hotel expand a city center? We think it can. With the opening of the new Clarion Hotel in Sundsvall, the “The Stone City” has gotten a fresh and shiny add-on.

The hotel’s unique location along the Selånger river. Photo: Lasse Olsson

The perfect spot to enjoy a glass of wine. Attend conferences, relax, celebrate or simply escape. With “stone” and “jewel” as its keywords, the new Clarion Hotel in Sundsvall combines traditional and contemporary, bringing life and movement to a block that used to be just a parking lot.

A spectacular street-level bar embellishes the hotel’s center. Suspended above the bar counter as if floating in mid-air, the bar’s overhang perfectly completes the space. Photo: Lasse Olsson

Warm, fresh and dramatic

The Selånger river, Norrland’s rugged nature, and Sundsvall’s industrial past were all sources of inspiration behind the design concept. Playing on the keywords stone and jewel, the decor is a far cry from your classic hotel style.

“As our jumping-off point, we used contrasts like polished and raw, glowing and cool, dark and light. Together, we created an interior design that feels human but still exciting,” says Nadia Tolstoy, design lead at Tengbom.

Warm textiles and shiny brass glow in the cosmopolitan rooftop bar, complete with expertly designed lighting, materials and acoustics. Photo: Lasse Olsson
The countertop of the rooftop bar is inspired by the Alnöite stone found in Sundsvall. Photo: Lasse Olsson

More than a hotel

In 2017, Sundsvall was nominated as Sweden’s most beautiful city. The city is often described as a Phoenix risen from the ashes in reference to the 1888 fire. With the Clarion Hotel Sundsvall the city is taking a step forward. The hotel welcomes guests with a warm and inviting living room, an inspirational conference area, a rooftop restaurant with terrace, an international spa and rooms designed for lazy, long weekends. The hotel combines polished brass detailing, natural stone, smoked oak, limestone hues and wood paneling. Motifs reminiscent of the stone city are weaved into everything, from the patterns on the carpets to the bathroom textures.

“We wanted to create the exact opposite of traditional hotels’ sterile decor. Using timeless, yet classic materials, with an emphasis on a welcoming design, we’ve created a fresh, lively meeting space for Sundsvall residents and long-distance travelers alike,” explains Claes Pereswetoff-Morath, project manager at Tengbom.

The sun sets over the rooftop bar’s terrace. Photo: Lasse Olsson

The team behind this project

  • Claes Pereswetoff-Morath Lead Interior Designer
  • Nadia Tolstoy Design Lead
  • Linda Wedebrunn Interior Designer
  • Per Vestergaard Responsible for CAD/BIM
  • Sandra Wall Interior Designer
  • James Anderson Lighting Designer
  • Simon Malmström Lighting Designer


Claes Pereswetoff-Morath Lead Interior Designer +46 8 412 53 47