At Tengbom, we are experts in sustainable and inclusive design that challenges the norms. Our architects have extensive experience in golf course architecture, as well as the skills and knowledge required to develop an entire golf facility. When you work with Tengbom, you receive expertise and guidance all the way.

At Tengbom, our golf offer stretches all the way from an initial idea to a finished course – from being your sounding board to executing a complete master plan and monitoring its construction. Depending on your needs, we can help you with everything from minor adjustments or details to new holes or large-scale development plans.

Our expertise ranges from golf course architecture and design to investment solutions for new construction. This includes helping many clubs with complete solutions for facilities, housing and premises. Golf course design often involves large areas of valuable land with massive potential. We carry out land conversions, including physical planning, and offer consultations on how to develop your business and expand operations with maximum results.

Photo: Tengbom/Johan Henrikson

Challenging design

With the player’s experience in mind, we deliver challenging and innovative golf architecture. After all, what would golf be without an exciting player experience? One that, when paired with the location, nature and conditions in general, creates a certain magic, regardless of scale. Great golf courses are our passion, from short-hole courses to multi-facilities with extra everything.

Photo: Micke Tannus

Sustainable design

It takes a holistic perspective for everything to come together financially, environmentally and socially. When we design golf courses and clubs, we make sure to develop everything – from the concept and use of resources to nature and environmental adaptations – in accordance with the most sustainable processes. Adapting to the landscape is key, as the overall experience contains so much more than the golf game itself. Understanding financial conditions is essential – developing a sustainable golf course requires insight into investment and operational conditions.

Photo: Micke Tannus

Inclusive design

We want to adapt golf for the future. This is not about taking anything away; rather, it is about adding new possibilities. Simply put: golf for everyone. We were early to suggest a 12-hole course as a step toward developing the sport to meet modern requests. We also work with concepts that improve the player experience, like handigolf, with the goal of making golf available and more fun for players regardless of need or circumstance.

Photo: Tengbom

Innovative clubhouse design

The identity and experience of a golf course is created in no small part by the clubhouse area and the surrounding facilities. In addition to expressive architecture, an understanding of how logistics and golf-playing interact is essential. When involved in a golf course project, we often work within in a larger context of community and urban development. This means that we put all of Tengbom’s expertise to use, for example through the development of housing, services and infrastructure.

A selection of reference projects

We have extensive experience in golf architecture and our collaborations span from Sweden to Spain, Thailand, Russia and onwards across the globe. Please read more about some of our reference projects here.

Tengbom’s golf team

Tengbom offers qualified and internationally experienced consultants for each and every step of your journey.

Johan Henrikson, Golf course architect FSGA
Johan Edfors, Professional Player, Co-designer, project leader
Martin Rangfast, Architect, projekt leader
Ludmila Sandqvist, Landscape architect, assistant golf course architect

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