IIS & GoTo10

Office at the digital forefront
Client: iis
Years of commission:: 2015-2017
Partner: Ciceron projekt (projektledning), Idé design & snickeri

An inclusive collaboration and rational, unique solutions have created a dynamic office environment that facilitates the Internet Foundation’s mission to promote the development of the internet. Interior architecture at its best.

Tengbom was commissioned to create a site plan for the Internet Foundation, IIS, where advice on a possible move was not only fundamental, but crucial. When a new site emerged, it was not only that business development of the company was made possible, but also space for the start-up hub GoTo10, Stockholm’s first meeting place for internet innovation.

“New sites were the key to the change they were looking for. They wanted better logistics and flows, with built-in flexibility for future changes,” says Johanna Garheden.

IISIISThrough regular workshops with the Internet Foundation the needs of the business became clear, and it was possible to agree on creative and customised solutions. Most employees sit in permanent places in an open landscape and some have their own rooms, but the design is flexible and prepared to be able to be adapted in the future. In addition, there are lounges, touch down places, and meeting areas for other types of work.

Innovative in its simplicity

The premises exude “digital”, one example is the specially designed ceiling with circuit board pattern. Some furniture is also recycled. The colour scale was created through workshops and the palette that is repeated in all meeting rooms is CMYK: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black.

Focus on ideas

The start-up hub GoTo10 is located on the first and second floors. There are rooms and workplaces available to everyone through free membership. Other features include a café, seminar space, and street level mingling area. On the second floor there is a space for start-ups to hire. To meet the ambition of a unique meeting place, the interior is specially adapted with simple and cost-effective materials. An active flow of entrepreneurial ideas requires a dynamic workplace.

“It was about creating a great variety of meeting and work places in a small area. The hub is a little more playfully designed than the office, with a raw and urban feel with technical materiality, says Linn Sylvan.



The team behind this project


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