Our architects in the final of The Swedish Lighting Award


Congratulations to Simon Malmström and Janica Wiklander from our Gothenburg office for receiving an honourable mention in The Swedish Lighting Award for their lighting design for The Copper Tent in Haga Park in Stockholm.

The new illumination of The Copper Tent creates an atmospheric ambience in Haga Park.

This year’s edition of this prestigious competition was celebrated in Berns Salonger in Stockholm on September 5, 2017. Among the three projects that reached the final was the team that put The Copper Tent in the limelight with its new atmospheric illumination. The project was carried out under ÅF Lighting’s flag by lighting designer Simon Malmström and architect Janica Wikander, both working currently at Tengbom, as well as Mona Hellman and Lars Ocklund. In good company of the winning contribution by Humana, and BKS Architects, the team behind The Copper Tent received a praise for its outstanding work.

“The sober design is done with a fine balance. The character of the building has been cleverly emphasised by the well-tuned light – in harmony with the very dark surroundings. The result is so natural in the historical environment that it appears that the lighting was made with the illumination of the foregone era”, wrote the jury.

Lighting is a crucial ingredient of the architectural process since it breathes life into the places we reside in, both indoors and outdoors.

“Our goal with this project was to create a safe, accessible and appealing space, even after the night fall. That’s something we want to continue with at Tengbom” explains Simon.