Östermalm Market Hall

Updated for the future
Client: City of Stockholm
Location: Stockholm
Assignment years: 2012-2020
Gross area: 6770 m²
Photographer: Åke E:son Lindman
Partners: Ljusrum, Nyréns, AIX, Stockholms Målerikonservering, BK Beräkningskonsulter

With the renovation of Östermalm Market Hall, Tengbom has preserved a layer of the city’s history. Stockholm, Sweden, and the world have regained a cultural icon. The market hall has undergone its most extensive renovation in 130 years and now it’s ready to welcome visitors for at least another century.

Update, refine and improve

After just over a century in operation, Östermalm Market Hall was in great need of modernisation. Years of sporadic renovation projects had resulted in a space that was no longer particularly inviting.

Accessible walkways and more functional areas inside the market hall improve the experience for visitors and retailers

Restoring the market hall to its original glory while creating a functional building that would meet today’s needs brought major challenges for Tengbom both technically, and in terms of the complex logistics inside and outside the hall. The wish list was long. Improving accessibility, replacing almost all technology, and reinforcing the cultural history and antiquarian value of the space all were all at the top. Put simply, the aim was to enhance the experience of the building without losing its original integrity.

New and old retailers and restauranteurs are now filling the hall

A respectful adaptation for the future

Tengbom adopted a holistic approach, applying the same high standards to the entire renovation – from technical functions and structural work to restoring the original decor.

The original star-shaped floor plan has been restored to benefit commercial activities and to create more distinct walkways. Additional features have been added to create new experiences, such as long balconies with seating for restaurant guests. Enhanced functions and accessibility requirements contribute to a better experience for everyone with the addition of elevators and more toilets.

New features, such as staircases and ventilation ducts, have been painted a discreet black. Elsewhere, the original appearance of the market hall has been emphasised and enhanced. Paint conservators have scraped away layer upon layer of paint to reveal a picture of the history.

The counters have regained their original appearance

A more colourful interior awaits visitors, featuring the original colour palette from 1888. Light streams in once more through the gable windows that had been painted over. These have been replaced with new windows and blinds to protect traders’ goods from direct sunlight.

Elevators and other new additions are painted an understated black to avoid attracting attention
The classic blue friezes with inspirational quotes from the past adorn the walls once again

Giving back to the city

Today, visitors are met with a uniform and harmonious experience in an inclusive, accessible and sustainable market hall. Better people flow, smarter entryway solutions and a new waste and recycling system that reduces the number of truck transports by 80 percent are just some of the things that make Östermalm Market Hall an ultra-modern meeting place. Restaurants located along the building facade coupled with longer opening hours contribute to a vibrant street life and an enhanced focus on modern needs and behaviours, such as socialising and being seen.

The team behind this project


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