This is ArchTech & Future


Archtech & Future, our virtual studio and hub of innovation, brings together a group of hand-picked specialists, all of whom contribute their unique skills and perspectives. Despite the focus on technology, this is not all important – our fundamental aim is to create architecture which is sustainable, socially conscious and future-proof.

Jakob Lilliemarck, Soon Hammarström, Joakim Grönlund and Andreas Kull

Hello there Soon Hammarström, Jakob Lilliemarck, Andreas Kull and Joakim Grönlund from ArchTech & Future!

Who’s in the team?
– We’re quite a mixed group from a range of backgrounds, including architecture, media technology, gaming, illustration, computer graphics, design and business development. We’re all united by our interest in and knowledge of digital opportunities and the desire to harness technology towards thecreation of an innovative, inclusive society sustainable in the long term.

What are your aims?
– We want to utilise new thoughts, technologies and methods to create opportunities for architects to build a better world – today, tomorrow and in 100 years. Our aim is to provide architects with greater design freedom while ensuring clients have peace of mind and users benefit from a better experience. This could involve analysis and optimisation, digital production and visualisation, for example.

How do you help the world?
– We help the world by taking an enlightened, proactive approach. Thanks to our expertise and new technology, we can now find out more about the outcome of our decisions earlier in the process, by carrying out analysis and simulations. We work with lighting simulation, material optimisation and BIM. Utilising visual communication in the form of images and virtual environments allows us to convey complex processes in a more comprehensible way, which minimises risks and provides greater flexibility in the design process.

What’s the approach?
– Not only are we working on a broad scale to implement digitalisation extensively across the company, we’re also spearheading prototyping and tests designed to identify totally new solutions.  Among other methods, we utilise AR/VR to assist with visualisation and design as well as BIM, digital production, advanced modelling, analysis and optimisation. That said, the most important thing is not the technology itself, but the way we use it.

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