At Tengbom, we are united by a common objective to make the world a better place. In other words: to create architecture that contributes to a climate-neutral and resilient society where people feel safe and are healthy. Sustainability is a must in all that we do.


We do this by providing high level expertise and strategic partnerships, as well as by guiding, engaging and collaborating with clients, users and the wider world from a sustainability perspective. We also do it by practising what we preach, reducing our environmental impact, actively working to improve our psychosocial work environment and running a financially sustainable business.

Using Sustainable by Tengbom, a comprehensive tool for collaborating on all sustainability issues within an architecture project, we help our clients define and achieve each project’s unique sustainability profile. Sustainable by Tengbom can be used in any type of architecture collaboration (from urban development to building, landscape and interior projects) and throughout every project phase. We use it to set and steer toward project specific sustainability goals and design strategies, choose relevant tools, and ensure that the right competencies are involved.

Photo: Jenny Öhman

With our power to affect change, we only have one option: the sustainable one. We promise to create architecture that is restorative for our climate, our society, and humanity as a whole. Our solutions are sustainable over time, resilient, and help our clients and society adapt to a climate neutral future. 

What we offer

Our knowledge, experience and dedication to sustainability has been developed over many decades. Tengbom offers sustainability consulting services and strategies as an integrated part of our architecture and design process. We help developers, property owners, and tenants define and meet their goals and ambitions in regard to reducing their operational and embodied carbon, in new construction as well as existing building stock. However, we always work with sustainability from a broader perspective, also contributing to a socially and economically sustainable society.

Among other disciplines, we currently provide expertise in project planning and coordination of projects aiming to achieve the high standards defined in environmental certification systems such as Miljöbyggnad, BREEAM, LEED and Svanen but also WELL building standard.

Illustration: Tengbom

Tengbom’s sustainability services include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Specification of project specific sustainability goals and design strategies
  • Building certification services – Miljöbyggnad, Svanen and WELL, as well as JämtJämlikt – a newly developed certification system for equality in public spaces
  • Sustainable urban development strategies
  • Microclimate studies
  • GIS – detailed topography analysis
  • Design for low climate impact including lifecycle analysis and energy calculations
  • Analysis of energy production potential via solar cells
  • Ecosystem services
  • Specifying green materials and moisture damp proofing
  • Indoor environment and daylight analysis
  • Norm creative design process

Environmental and quality objectives

With the help of long-term sustainability goals that are integrated in our business strategy and executed in our daily operations, we contribute to fulfilling Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. We are engaged in research and development projects as well as several local initiatives, like the Uppsala Climate Protocol and Local Roadmap for Fossil Free Malmö 2030, as well as Viable Cities.

Photo: Tengbom

We measure climate impact from our own operations on a yearly basis and actively work to reduce it. Until we reach zero, we climate compensate all our impact (Scope 1, 2 and 3). Ever since the early 1990s, we have implemented an integrated environmental and quality system, which has been developed over time in line with internal standards and industry requirements.  Our business system is  certified according to SS EN ISO 9001 and SS EN ISO 14001.

Curious to know more?

Don’t hesitate to contact Ivana Kildsgaard, our Director of Sustainability.